#001 – The US Constitution Claps Back at England

In our first official episode we examine one of the most important documents in history, the US Constitution. Chris and Josh take a look at the events that lead to the writing of the Constitution and why its signing was such a monumental moment for modern liberal democracies. Chris and Josh also explore the lives and beliefs of some the CIS-White Males with Children who wrote the document and why they needed to change the document so much before it was officially signed. This episode is also full Chris and Josh’s Rome burning hot takes such as claiming that the original call for US Independence was more of a marketing campaign than a legitimate military strategy. Chris and Josh also finish the episode with their favorite history pickup lines, just so you can be ready to find your Martha Washington at the local alehouse this summer.

As you listen to the episode, please remember that we are just two kids who go wild for history and are in no way are experts on these subjects. Please take everything we say with a grain-of-salt and we strongly recommend that you do your own research on these topics.

If something we said in this episode was incorrect please email the wrong information and the correct to romewasntburnt@gmail.com and we will read it on the next show.