Burning Through History #1 – Malice at the Palace

This episodes marks the beginning of our bonus episode series titled Burning Through History. In these bonus mini-episodes, Josh or Chris will independently talk about a history subject that the are passionate about or something that isn’t broad enough to fit into a whole episode. The Burning Through History episodes will be 20-30 minute breakdowns of a historical event or person and give you an idea of what they mean to history.

In this BTH episode, Josh breaks down the November 19, 2004 fight between the Pacers & Pistons, better know as the Malice at the Palace. Josh gives a background on the events that led to the brawl and talks about the outcome of brawl from an immediate to long-term perspective. He discusses why the NBA, media, and fans were all wrong in their assessment of the situation and who they blamed as the guilty. He finish by talking about how the NBA changed after this event and why it’s important to always learn about historical events from a different perspectives.

Click here to watch the Netflix Documentary Untold: Malice at the Palace

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